Good luck with the move!

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Fantastic Notes! Such a useful breadth of coverage of topics: neurobiology, memories, preservation, emulation, AI, theory of mind.

Saul Kent was a true visionary, it was great to read Brian's tribute, and to hear he's been preserved. I look forward to playing basketball with him again one day!

You get to the heart of the issue around AI and human futures. They are massively converging today, a journey that began with Turing in the 1930s. All our best AI is becoming increasingly neuroinspired, and it will all become evo-devo in nature, in my view. We the living are in for a major set of human-machine convergences, most obviously in personal AIs. It is also clear to me that all of us reanimated people will be partly biological and partly technological in nature. Even those who want to stay entirely biological will be doing so via a deep technology stack. The division between the two will become less relevant the more alive our technology becomes. Our leading tech will have to become alive, if it wants to thrive in the coopetitive tech ecosystem to come. Life not only finds a way, it copies and varies itself in any substrate that offers a selective advantage.

I wish your family a safe journey to Oregon. Such a lovely state!

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Regarding #10: For cryonicists, we really don't want a strict brain death criterion -- at least if brain function is being used as the criterion for death -- because it means longer delays in starting procedures.

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