This is Neurobiology Notes, a newsletter about psychiatry, Alzheimer's disease, engrams, deep learning, brain banking, and other topics related to neurobiology.

I’m studying how the brain works on various levels; this website chronicles some of my notes along the way. Here is my website if you’re interested in more info about me.

What I write on here is obviously my opinion. Nothing on this website should be taken as medical advice or the opinions of institutions I am affiliated with or have been affiliated with in the past. Everything that I have written on the site is filed under a Creative Commons License v. 3.0. That means that you can copy and re-publish this material anywhere without my permission. Some of the material is re-used from other sources under fair use, as this is an educational website. Thanks for reading.

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When blogging about brain preservation, it's publish or perish


Andy McKenzie

Psychiatrist and Researcher @ Apex Neuroscience