Sitemap - 2008 - Neurobiology Notes

"No-Brainer" Climate Change Proposal

How long would the soccer-ball-in-afro trick work?

How the Mind Works book notes

The importance of a skeptical attitude

Workoholism -- Does it lead to higher productivity?

What's the probability of conspiracy?

Cultural variance in saying good-bye

The curse of height

"H.M.", the inspiration for Memento, dies at 82

Social voting for group decision making

Congress falls victim to the planning fallacy

The Forer effect in The Road

Applying single wall carbon nanotubes to the brain

The effect of seizures on hippocampal neurogenesis

The overrated virtue of not thinking

Why is retrodiction so shunned?

Two theories of self-education

Vowel and speaker discrimination based on brain patterns alone

Myelin sheathing originated in placoderms

Comparing men and women's taste in movies

One hundred questions for cognitive scientists

A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness book notes

Electrode in mute man allows vowel production

Objectively higher states of morality?

Bad experiences and great stories

How important are recommender systems?

Increasing risk of nuclear weapon use

Does primacy trump recency?

Neuroplasticity and the effect of brain games

How to make YouTube rating better

Fenyman on what it takes to be a scientist

Two short lists

Why are smart people so old?

The passion of Tom Friedman

How to lie with anecdotes

Ethics in brain scanning continued

The real sustainability movement

Vassar preparatory examinations in 1877

When is it rational to appear irrational?

Relatively unmotivated Japanese workers: trend or abberation?

The Jon Stewart generation


Behavioral sportonomics in NBA contracts

Income tax is not slavery

What exactly do you mean by machine, such that humans are not machines?

Taleb and Mandelbrot on chain reactions in financial markets

The failed blog post series continues

Non-Great Depression parallels to the current financial crisis

Two theories of laughter

Spending our time in worlds that don't exist

A prototypical "rational" man in 1950's Sci-Fi

Nonevidence for temporal asymmetry

Bastiat on intellectual arrogance

Myelin decay leads to the decline of myriad behavioral functions

Directly controlling a functionless arm with cortical neurons

Cognitive robot research as a vehicle into human thought

Introduction to independent component analysis

Focal foul calls in biased refereeing

Why only a libertarian could engineer the bailout

Counter examples in real life

Will a trickle down effect from foreign governments force the US hand on drug policy?

Who voted for Hitler?

Mechanism for neural attenuation in attentional blink

Dynamic modeling when the brain is at rest

The top 11 poems of all time

Will a recession cause undergrads to study harder?

Paul Krugman on silly research

Medical treatment for name forgetting

Wake me up when November ends

State level voting

The ethical implications of a perfect lie detector

True altruism in door holding

Effects of neurogenesis on cerebral ischemic recovery

The Stuff of Thought book notes

Channeling adult neurogenesis to regenerate the brain

Filtering out fanatical politicos

Empathy has no backstop

Random chance fuels innovation

The thin tail of imdb's top movies

On boredom

Nassim Taleb on uncertainty in statistics

The myth of the rational movie rater

Selfish Self-Experimentation

Explaining individual variance within species

The wisdom of Ezra Klein: don't read Ezra Klein

The cognitive dissonance of long books

Anti-nihilistic effects of "classical" education

The digg mentality and Veritocracy

Demystifing terrorism


Defining the ratedness of a movie

Prediction markets suck?

The statistician's credo

Updated thoughts on climate change

Tuesday Statisticz: Buying ballgames, how MLB payrolls correlate with success

Negotiation 101

How neuroscience interfaces with evolutionary psychology

Tracking results leads to success

How magic informs neuroscience

A primate choice experiment for category-based inference

More on the workforce/academia dichotomy

The Moral Animal book notes

Call me the treasurer because I'm in the business of coining

Reliable spike-time coding in theory and practice

Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid book notes

Linking pre-saccadic to post-saccadic stimuli in the visual field

Obligation bankruptcy

Why some ideas fail

Highly responsive flourescent protein voltage sensor

Rating incompleteness theorem

Nonuse of behavioral economics in software updates

An ideal observer model for grating illusions

Career-dependent tendencies

Correctness bias

Nonbelief in the implied invisible

Individual over group bias

The prisoner's dilemma in Rififi

Analyzing personality based on writing style

An application of the conformity theory

Shooting the moon in academia

Correlations between economic and political freedom

Why aren't there more knuckleballers?

Why is baseball's All-Star Game so non-random?

Underestimating variance in foreign countries

Book ratings

Rating systems are underrated

The unintended consequences of political opinions

The Top 5 "last words" of all time

Angry voters on imdb

Tuesday Statisticz: Music that makes countries rich

How far will The Dark Knight drop?

Against blogging about blogging about blogging

The 10 most badass beards of all time

Do not study human cognitive biases, part II

Self-Experimentation, Ideas

Do not study human cognitive biases, part 1

Quote(s) of the Day

Against couch pillows

Machine learning in brain-computer interfacing lecture

What is consciousness?

Jeffrey Sachs Lecture

Organizational musings

Iron Man at the box office

How imdb determines the top 250

More on correlation versus causation

The kiss of death

Tuesday Statisticz: Tuesday Statisticz

Jeff Hawkins on the future of brain science

Uncle Sam wants you!

Save the cheerleader

Tuesday Statisticz: Still the best

The Carbon Cycle

Does correlation equal causation?

Are we programmed to die, or is death a random event that increases in likelihood as we age?

Tuesday Statisticz: Do movies make you more creative?

Percieved speed varies based on visual contrast

Debunking myths with statistics

Ranking the Harry Potters

Network brain modeling of fMRI

Neurogenesis drug to be clinically tested in humans

Tuesday Statisticz: Urban carbon dioxide emissions, part II

Freud the comedian

Randomizing TV ads

Polar Bear Theory

Kendrick Perkins


A superhighway to nowhere

Do sports matter?

The Indiana Jones Theory of Space Travel

Is open-source the future?

Beliefs on climate change as a function of party affiliation and education

Tuesday Statisticz: The rides at Six Flag's Great Adventure

Forgive and forget, forgotten

Tuesday Statisticz: Breaking down the success of superhero movies

First good impressions

Distance, Knowledge, and Information

More blogging from teachers that have given me B-plusses

May day, May day

Evolutionary psychology is fruitless without neuroscience

Tuesday Statisticz: Dog Parks and City Safety

Another conversation

Overconfidence bias in frisbee tossing

Tuesday Statisticz: The Dude would have voted Libertarian

Laptops in class

The Worst of Andy

Words vs. action

These days those days

Tuesday Statisticz: God vs. JK Rowling

Don't trip

Notes from the Buddha, part V

The game theory approach to staying in touch

Notes from the Buddha, part IV

Notes from the Buddha, Part II

A few thoughts on Shelfari

Bill Simmons on keeping it real

First, bad impressions

My favorite part of April 1st isn't all of the fakes...

On Jealousy

Empty Promises and Broken Dreams

Let other people use your computer!

I love other people's dogs

National News

The end of an era

Tuesday Statitsticz: Rethinking Multiple Choice

Introspection supported via laboratory results

Tuesday Statisticz: Reverse Engineering the Oscars


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Tuesday Statisticz

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin

Am I the only one that has ever read this?

Cranky altruism

Comparative advantages of conversation

New Header

Who is acting less optimally?

Mark Cuban vs. Daniel Plainview in There Will be Blood

Tips on Writing, Part I

One man's slippery quest into pseudo-intellectualism

Who clicks on ads?

No country for old business models

The dirty work

Horror sublimation

Andy sets a new world record; everyone is amazed, the crowd goes wild

Heightism in Water Fountains

New Years Resolutions