Sitemap - 2008 - Neurobiology Notes

How the Mind Works book notes

Applying single wall carbon nanotubes to the brain

The effect of seizures on hippocampal neurogenesis

Why is retrodiction so shunned?

Vowel and speaker discrimination based on brain patterns alone

Myelin sheathing originated in placoderms

One hundred questions for cognitive scientists

A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness book notes

Electrode in mute man allows vowel production

Does primacy trump recency?

Nonevidence for temporal asymmetry

Myelin decay leads to the decline of myriad behavioral functions

Directly controlling a functionless arm with cortical neurons

Cognitive robot research as a vehicle into human thought

Introduction to independent component analysis

Mechanism for neural attenuation in attentional blink

Dynamic modeling when the brain is at rest

Effects of neurogenesis on cerebral ischemic recovery

The Stuff of Thought book notes

Channeling adult neurogenesis to regenerate the brain

How neuroscience interfaces with evolutionary psychology

How magic informs neuroscience

A primate choice experiment for category-based inference

The Moral Animal book notes

Reliable spike-time coding in theory and practice

Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid book notes

Linking pre-saccadic to post-saccadic stimuli in the visual field

Highly responsive flourescent protein voltage sensor

An ideal observer model for grating illusions

Individual over group bias

Machine learning in brain-computer interfacing lecture

What is consciousness?

Jeff Hawkins on the future of brain science

Are we programmed to die, or is death a random event that increases in likelihood as we age?

Percieved speed varies based on visual contrast

Network brain modeling of fMRI

Neurogenesis drug to be clinically tested in humans