Sitemap - 2011 - Neurobiology Notes

Compensatory brain activation in siblings of children with autism spectrum disorders

Denervation of neuromuscular junctions in the extensor digitorum longus of aging mice

Clustering of primary hippocampal neurons in vitro

How to make mathematical sense of connectomics data

Inference by sampling in a model of ambiguous visual perception

Proteins differentially expressed in the aging hippocampus

Human gene expression database across ages and brain regions

Structural variability and the usefulness of understanding neural connectivity patterns

Prospects for optogenetics to interface with neural prostheses

Prospects for CNS treatment with electrode-based neural prostheses

Modeling the development of the Xenopus spinal cord

Dynamic causal modeling to study beta oscillations in Parkinson's model rats

Connection strength and specificity of medium spiny neurons in the mouse striatum

Functional contacts of adult born olfactory neurons in the mouse

Localization of structural brain atrophy in preclinical Alzheimer's

Information flow among structural clusters in the nematode connectome

Model of a pyramidal neuron's dendrite with one spine

Greater variability in neuronal than glial DNA methylation patterns

Decreased neural connectivity in cultured schizophrenia patient neurons

Prediciting brain connectivity in the rat via regional gene expression in the mouse

Motherhood coincides with increased dendritic spine density in rats

Pattern recognition and image segmentation in connectomics

Connection distributions between olfactory bulb and cortical regions in the mouse

3d human brain atlas for localizing gene expression

MiniSOG, a light and electron microscopy fusable marker

Reconstructed rat neural and astroglial circuitry

Towards a rabbit retina connectome

How to describe a neural network model

Mouse visual cortex and retinal ganglion cell connectomes

Bacteria and the anxious brain

The future of neuro data mining

Major forms of pre-synaptic endocytosis

How neurons remain neurons

Synapse communication with the epigenome

Heterogeneity and sub-optimality in the mouse interscutularis connectome

Developmental axon anisotropy of the hamster

Non-optimality in C. elegans connectome

In vivo optogenetics in C. elegans

Neural macro connectivity and gene expression