Sitemap - 2010 - Neurobiology Notes

Uses of noise in neuron-neuron communications

Are synaptomes impossible?

Measuring causalilty in neural connections

How do proteins bind to nucleotide sequences?

Network motifs in the Drosophila connectome

Nanoparticles and brain imaging

Towards a Drosophila connectome

Binding potential variability connects to psychological variability

Validating neuronal classifications with structural data

Variability between synaptic buttons as modulated by structural differences

Registration of transmission electron images via minimizing landmark correspondence displacement

Using fMRI to predict word representation in the brain

Question #18: Modeling differential equations in neurochemistry

Dopamine receptor binding potential in the thalamus and creativity

Striatal D2-like receptor binding and impulsivity

Late phase synaptic plasticity tagged by increase in puncta sites

Question #17: Biological and physical basis of fMRI

Nuclear morphology of medium spiny neurons in the striatum

Synaptic activity dependent survival via neurotrophins and training in newborn hippocampal neurons

Gene expression in astrocytes, neurons, and oligodendrocytes

RNA interference to reduce expression of neuropilin-2 receptors

Question #16: Three applications of the local field potential

Question #15: The neurogenetics of interspecies brain size variance

Question #14: Three lesion studies on orbitalfrontal cortex function

Imaging the postsynaptic density microdomain postmortem

Question #13: Two applications of transgenic animals and knock-out mice

Characterizing the protein composition of the postsynaptic density

Isolating pure postsynaptic densities in vitro

Synaptic pruning in the mediodorsal thalamus

Cooperative synapses mediated by competition at dendritic branch

Effects of protein inhibition on young and mature synaptic vesicle function

Insulin sensitivity, antioxidants, and memory function in aging

Horseradish peroxidase as marker for anatomical em

Active zones and postsynaptic clusters at the neuromuscular junction

Presynaptic guidance cue receptor localization

Problems with serial section em image reconstruction

AMPA receptor diffusion trap following LTP induction

Tiam1 and the neurite elongation equilibrium

Rapid synaptogenesis following long term potentiation in adult hippocampus

Visualizing astroglia near hippocampal synapses

Sebastian Seung on connectomics

Combining x-ray tomography with serial section transmission electron microscopy

In vitro neuroscience competition to test input-output models?

Question #12: Two types of central pattern generators

Question #11: Where does the plasticity of the vestibular ocular reflex occur?

Question #10: Three findings from the crustacean stomatogastric nervous system

Correlations Between Neurogenesis and Behavior