Sitemap - 2022 - Neurobiology Notes

Action Potentials for December

Mouse brain aging transcriptional changes are fastest in the white matter

Action Potentials for November

More evidence that dendritic structures matter for brain preservation

What medical and psychiatric conditions are most associated with genetic risk of schizophrenia?

Removing the brain from the skull in brain banking: much more than you wanted to know

Four approaches for long-term fixation-based brain banking

Two paths toward improved structural preservation in brain banking

Action Potentials for October

The cytoskeleton of dendrites forms a uniform gel in the spine neck and head

What would it mean to decode a non-trivial memory from a map of the brain?

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What can SNP-based heritability tell us about the etiology of AD today?

Most of the risk factors associated with Alzheimer's disease from observational studies are likely wrong

Extracellular space preservation with immersion fixation of brain sections

Prenatal epigenetic age acceleration in Down syndrome

Correlating immunohistochemistry with serial block-face electron microscopy of neurons

Integrating synchrotron microtomography with electron microscopy in the study of mammalian brain tissue

Question #21: How far would a typical molecule diffuse in a millisecond?

What I've Been Reading (2021 Edition)

Question #20: What does the cable equation mean for neurons?

Question #19: Ion channel biophysics

Microwave irradiation as a brain banking tool

What can super-resolution light microscopy tell us about biomolecular brain preservation?

Biophysically realistic neuron modeling in layer four of visual cortex

Towards building an accurate brain molecular concentration database